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Hugh B. Long


Star Fury - Introduction

January 22, 2015

- “Evil, Vengeance, Politics, Romance and Galaxy spanning Action!” 

Earth is still reeling from the Hrymar Holocaust. Many of her major cities are still burning after millions were exterminated in nuclear bombardment, and thousands more taken off-world as slaves. 

The SID is fractured and impotent, with no political will to attack the enemy; content to bide their time. But the threats are dire. A recently discovered network of inter-stellar gates built by ancient progenitors of mankind, offer an open back-door for Earth’s enemies. 

Earth’s richest man and now most-reviled traitor, threatens to sell Earth’s secrets and hides in an unknown sector of space conducting unspeakable experiments on sentient races. 

Haldor Olsen is tasked with hunting down the traitor. 

Supporting Haldor on one hand, a secret cabal within Earth’s government has made a side-deal with the slavers, and sends Earth’s mighty fleet commanded by Haldor’s best friend, to bring Haldor to justice for doing his job.